How to Tell If Someone Really Wants to Be with You

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Anne Cohen Writes

First of all, when someone really wants to be around you, they make it known, and they even go out of their way to make time for you. Time is never a factor when someone wants to be with you. When people say that they don't have time or that they're too busy to see you, talk to you, or even text you throughout the day, it's a bunch of bologna. Everyone has time. It just depends on whether or not they feel that you're worthy of it.

Another way of knowing that someone wants to be with you is by how much effort that they put into things. In case you're one of the rare people in this world that never got played by someone, listen closely. When someone is really into you they make it known, and you can tell that they want you by their effort and actions. When someone truly wants you, you'll likely won't feel that the love, effort, and time spent with one another is lacking. But if anything, they'll want to spend all of their time with you. In cases like that, you might even feel smothered or as if you're getting a little bit too much attention from them.

When someone likes you, you likely won't have to second-guess how they feel, because they'll tell you with their words, and show you through their actions. There should always be a balance between words and actions in relationships. This is something that comes natural when someone really wants to be with you.

Another way of knowing that someone wants you is by how willing they are to go at your pace. That might sound silly to some, but it's very true. Whether you're a man or a woman, if someone is willing to take things slower or even speed things up within the relationship, they're really into you. You'll know that they're into you like crazy when they do that, because everyone likes to go at a certain pace that's comfortable for them, and when they change their pace to please someone else, it's a big sign that they like you. They might even like you alotta bit.

One of the most fun ways in which you can instantly tell that someone wants you is by the way that they kiss you. Ah, yes, that magic of the kiss. Many people feel that you can literally tell everything about a person, or at least as far as how much fire and chemistry you have with one another simply by kissing.

One of the easiest ways to know that someone wants you is when they tell their friends and family about you. They might even take an extra step which makes their love more obvious and apparent by including you in different functions that they're invited to. There are many ways to tell that someone is into you. But, I'll only give you one more in this article.

Last but not least, the best way to know that someone is crazy about you is by wanting to be exclusive with you, and not to date other people. When someone really likes you, not only don't they want to share you with anyone else, but they might even get a bit possessive in certain ways. I know, I know, being possessive is never a good thing, but just a tiny bit is not so bad.

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