How To Tell Your Perfect Wedding Story

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Weddings are a huge deal. Many will argue it's more a huge deal for the brides than it is for the groom. Undeniably, it means the world to a world of lovers intending to start the rest of their lives together. Little girls have dreamed of the perfection that their wedding day will exude. They have designed their dresses in the creative confines of their minds, they have practiced their walk even while still saddled with college assignments. Young ladies not yet betrothed, have a perfect idea of how their wedding day will go even before they meet 'Prince Charming'. Or they think they do. It's all a part of the journey that makes the day so undeniably beautiful.

A beautiful wedding story is a product almost every soul demands without a word from couples before, during or after the wedding day. A story that tells the eager audience how life is incomplete without your significant other, how love caught you when you weren't looking, how the Dj brought heaven to earth on your wedding day. Telling a perfect wedding story is an art and it demands more quality than quantity. Here are a few tips.

-Choose a style- Whatever style of photography you choose on your wedding day, traditional, photo-journalistic, documentary or otherwise, it's important to communicate your ideas precisely, to your photographer. Your style will most likely inform your choice of a photographer. Don't be afraid to own your choice and demand compliance and creativity from your photographer. It is your wedding, tell it to the whole world in your own style.

-Be in tune with your photographer- As simple as it may sound, it's a very important part of the process. If you or your spouse aren't friendly and relaxed enough with your photographer, it will be incredibly hard to tell a story that we all will enjoy. You have to connect on some level to him/her. From your pre-wedding shoots all the way to the wedding, release yourself to your photographer and let him into your world. He can only capture what you let him see. I always recommend being friends for a bit with your photographer, maybe weeks before your wedding or pre-wedding shoots. There's always a difference.

-Share memories- It's not just the pictures, it's the way they make you feel. Telling your perfect wedding story in pictures, will require a huge dose of truths. Share your love story with your photographer. How you met, how he made your dad feel when he first met the parents for the first time. Let him capture the essence of every tear or smile that floats in the atmosphere on your big day. It's not just a contract for a day, the result of this contract will hang on your walls and sit in your shelves for years, so make it count.

Tell your story in the best light, and let the world marvel even years later at the epic love that is your wedding.