How To Cook Meat Faster -- And Take Out Your Frustration

Have you had one of those days -- or even one of those weeks -- when you just want to hit something? And to add to your frustration, just thinking about what you're going to make for dinner is giving you a headache. Well, not to worry -- we're here to show you that you can alleviate both problems without the need for a therapist or a chef. With one easy and very satisfying method, you can cook up a meal that will simultaneously relieve your stress.

We all know it can take a while to cook meat, especially since most cuts are thick -- think chicken breast, pork chops or steak. Those cuts need time to cook all the way through. Instead, choose to buy cutlets at the supermarket -- look for turkey, chicken, veal, beef or pork tenderloin. They're already sliced by the butcher (you can also easily butterfly or thinly slice the meats at home if you have more time) thus making it faster to cook and easier for you to whip up a meal in just 10 minutes. Then, here's the key -- grab your meat mallet and go at it. If you don't have one, use a rolling pin or heavy skillet.

The best way to create a nice thin piece of meat is to pound it to about a 1/4-inch thickness. Lay the thinly sliced piece of meat between two layers of plastic wrap or parchment paper (this prevents a big mess!). Then, starting from the middle, pound the meat toward the edges -- but don't go too crazy because you might end up creating a hole. Now you're ready to cook.

It's easy to create a number of different recipes using the thinly pounded meat. Bread it just as you would when you're frying chicken to create Austrian schnitzel, and fry it up in a bit of oil. Or, if you've chosen beef, make chicken-fried steak. For a healthier option, sear the meat in a very small amount of oil in a grill pan or skillet. Another idea is to dust it with flour and saute it (or batter it, if you prefer), then create a simple sauce in the same pan by adding a little wine, capers and parsley -- you've now got Italian piccata. The options are endless -- just use your creativity.

Watch the video below to see how it's done. We've also included recipes to give you ideas.

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WATCH: Ina Garten prepares Chicken Piccata