How To Thaw Turkey In Time For Thanksgiving Dinner

Spare yourself the shame of serving a frozen bird.

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There’s a lot to remember when it comes time to cooking up a Thanksgiving turkey. But one thing you absolutely do not want to forget is to give your bird enough time to thaw (assuming that it’s frozen). Thawing a huge turkey takes a whole lot longer than a package of chicken for a weeknight dinner. This thing, depending on the size, can take days. Even up to a week. So be sure to plan ahead.

If you buy it frozen, the United States Department of Agriculture recommends three safe ways to thaw it, and they all take forethought and consideration: In the refrigerator, under cold water or in a microwave.

Consult our infographic below to learn how much time each method takes to thaw your turkey, no matter how big it is.

The Huffington Post