4 Things You Don't Know About How To Tie A Tie

It's all in the dimple.

Learning how to tie a tie is like a rite of passage. But for most men, no matter how often they wear a neck tie, they can never seem to prevent it from looking sloppy.

In the video below, GQ creative director Jim Moore and style editor Will Welch break down four things guys are getting wrong when tying a tie. For starters, the length of your tie is essential to achieving a polished look. Make sure that the tip of the tie hits right above the middle of your pant waistband or belt. Want to achieve a suave tie dimple like Clark Gable or Cary Grant? The key is to get the knot as tight as possible.

Press play to watch Moore and Welch demonstrate these tips, and also learn how to create the ideal tie "lift" and find out which neck tie styles are currently trending.

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