A Surefire Way To Step Up Your Gift-Wrapping Game

It's easier than it looks.

For all of the effort and thought we put into finding the perfect presents for family and friends, there's one element of gift-giving that often gets overlooked: the wrapping.

Sure, it's easiest to toss your purchase into a gift bag, pad it with tissue paper and call it a day. But you really step up your gifting game when you approach the packaging and presentation of your gift with the same amount of care that went along with finding it. One surefire way to make sure this year's gifts look flawless from the first glance is to add a bow to the wrapping -- but not just any bow. This bow:

Fret not; it's easier than it looks, and it doesn't even require any tape. The above video has a visual demonstration, but if you prefer to learn via text, here are step-by-step instructions for recreating this dose of holiday drama.

  1. Cut a long length of ribbon in your favorite color. (Longer is better; you'll shorten it later.)
  2. Wrap the ribbon around the long side of your gift first. Then, twist the ribbon on top of the gift and wrap it around the short side of the gift. Cut the excess ribbon so that three-inch tails remain. Tuck the ribbon underneath the cross section at the top of your gift and pull taut. Make sure the bottom is flush.
  3. With your remaining ribbon, create six to seven loops around your hand, about three inches in diameter. Squeeze the loops into a flat figure-eight, and cut the excess ribbon. Holding the center of the "eight" tightly, bend it in half. Cut two notches into the middle to create a narrow point. Unfold the loop and secure it to the top of the gift with the tails of the wrapped ribbon.
  4. Pull apart each loop one at a time. Voila!

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