How To Travel Like A Millennial

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What does this mean? How does one travel like a millennial?

Well, the Millennial grew up in a time where technology advanced very quickly. This generation knows how to access information easily and the most efficient way possible - with a tap of a button.

How Do We Pay For Things

We don’t like to use cash and not sure if we even own a checkbook. We prefer cashless systems: Paypal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Square. If a restaurant refuses to split a bill, we can pay each other back instantly. We also love credit cards, but only the cards that give us the most rewards and benefits! We make sure to pay off the balance in full every month to avoid any fees. Credit cards aren't evil - they give us free stuff. My personal favorite right now is the Chase Reserve Card. Sign on bonus comes with 100,000 points, which is equivalent to a first class flight that looks like an apartment in the sky.

We stay away from travel agents that charge a higher fee for organizing - Nah, we can do that ourselves.

How Do We Find Out What We Want To Do

We are very social and easily inspired. Many times, we want to do something because we saw someone else do it. Pick any social media ourlet from Snapchat to Facebook, from Trip Advisor to Pinterest. bit different from the previous generation’s search in encyclopedia. We use social media - reading and viewing amazing and epic events. We aren't wasting time - but gaining valuable information.

How Do We Get Around

We will pretty much travel any way possible - bus, train, walk, bicycle, fly, but we know how easy it's possible.

Rome to Rio - will show the cost how to travel by car, boat, plane, etc. Google Maps - will give you turn by turn directions. Uber and Lyft- will pick you up!!

How Do We Communicate While Abroad

WhatsApp - it's free and it's on your phone - you can call and text over Wifi. Yes, that's why we always need Wifi.

T-Mobile has unlimited texting and data abroad. No need to buy another phone, get a sim card, or have exorbitant high fees.

How Do We Fly Private?

Gone are the days that young people have to wait until they are 50+ to experience the best life has to offer. As long as we share we each other, we can do it all. Here are some companies that have capitalized on the millennials learning how to enjoy exclusive and luxurious flight.

This is just a few ways millennials have used technology to travel faster and more frequently than any generation before them.