How to Trump Your Message and Be Heard!

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump sure knows how to steal the headlines. Nobody took him seriously when he entered the race for the Republican Presidential ticket -- and yet here we are incessantly talking about Donald Trump.

Wouldn't you love to be able to take over and command a conversation that no one thought you would seriously be a part of?

As a relationship "soft skills" and communication expert, I've watched the Trump media frenzy unfold trying to figure out what Trump is doing that puts him in a league of his own. Although Trump appears to be breaking all the political rules, he seems to be building a relationship with people across all socio-economic barriers. Perhaps he has tapped into the anger felt on both sides of the political ally, making himself, a billionaire, appear relatable to the average American? Regardless of what the fascination with Trump's candidacy is, he appears to be building a relationship with the voters and as Stephen Covey, best selling author of: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" said: "all success begins with relationships."

Based upon my observations of Trumps' candidacy, following are 3 key ways you can Trump your message and be heard.

1. Be authentic. We can all agree that Donald Trump is nothing if he isn't authentic. He doesn't try to be anyone he is not. He is an outspoken billionaire who is proud of his business acumen and accomplishments. Although he can be bold, brash, abrasive and downright rude, people appreciate his authenticity. You might not truly like him, but he makes you feel as if you really know him!

Do people know what is authentic about you?

2. Be passionate. Trump is certainly passionate. Again, agree or disagree with Donald Trump, no one can deny his unbridled passion for his beliefs - and himself (lacking humility does not seem to be getting in the way of his rising poll numbers.) Passion seems to be contagious. It gets people excited about who you are and what your message is.

Do people know what you are passionate about?

3. Be an effective communicator. Trump is beyond a doubt an effective communication to the point where his very presence in a room commands your attention before he even opens his mouth. His words are often direct and to the point, so you are clear on where he stands.

Can you even begin to imagine how much free PR and media coverage Trump has gotten since the beginning of his presidential campaign? I'm sure the number is staggering! Even while breaking many of the rules of politics, with his abrasive and no holds barred comments, the clarity and honesty with which he communications seems to minimize any negative effects one might traditionally expect from his style. There is simply no denying Trumps' ability to effectively get his message across.

Do people find you to be an effective communicator?

Regardless of whether you agree with one word that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth, you would be foolish to not want to nourish and cultivate the 3 key skills that get his message heard!

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