How to trust the magic of your voice.

How to trust the magic of your voice.
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For the longest time I was afraid of writing. I’m not talking about homework assignments and book reports. I’m talking about the kind of writing that would move people into action, that would stir something inside the reader and create the desire to pick up the phone and make a call they’ve been afraid to make, or express themselves in ways they’ve never imagined possible and create an everlasting change.

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The truth is, I was scared of thinking. For myself. Growing up in a society where we were fed selective information by a slotted teaspoon in the 80s Russia, I was not brought up to have a voice. To this day, the idea of my accent (read: authenticity) coming through my writing terrifies me. I spoke to many people about this, and someone told me “Think of Arianna Huffington, or Deepak Chopra,- each one has a different message, yet such powerful voices.”

The encouragement I’ve received over the years from my friends and family has grounded and lifted me up at the same time. The voices, the accents, the faces - all come to life now when I read books or articles. I feel like a friend sharing an authors journey. Mastering my second language - English - has taken on a whole new meaning.

I learned to stand up taller, to speak up in a room full of people, even lead important meetings. I wrote and published a book on food cravings. Created an online course. And to think, 15 years ago I wouldn’t pick up the phone to call a plumber.

The truth is, I’m still petrified. But what helps me get over the fear is the immense desire to be of service. To connect people, their emotions, build and nurture communities.

To show you that deep down inside everyone of you is a hero. It may not be to the scale of historic proportions, but you are such an important part of history.

Your words are magic.

Even if your magic has an accent!

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