How To Un-Creepily Connect with Your Biz Idol

Facebook groups were where I first became inspired to start my online business, so Facebook groups were where I lived when I started working for myself. I spent a good deal of time in groups, commenting, asking questions, and interacting with people through their posts.

My first REAL biz crush happened through one of these Facebook groups around the same time I left my corporate job to become a full-time online entrepreneur. I joined her group because I really connected with EVERY SINGLE PART of the description, as well as her personal messaging and purpose. I hadn't felt that way before. I was joining groups left and right because either a title resonated with me, or a piece of the group's purpose aligned with mine. But it was never a FULL ALIGNMENT. I watched one live video interview she partook in, and I was in love.

One fateful day, I decided to reach out to her through a Facebook message. It wasn't an, "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I SHALL STALK YOU NOW," message. Instead, I considered a few things when I reached out, that I continue to consider before reaching out to people today (potential clients, mentors, AND collaborators!):

1. Who are you? Give a short intro. Something as simple as a hello and your name will suffice in the beginning. You don't want to give it all away in your opener, right?

2. Where did you find them? Was it in their Facebook Group? Was it in a guest podcast, or a live Periscope? Let them know. It will help them to figure out what might be working with their messaging.

3. What is your purpose in reaching out? Don't let it sit at the simple: I LOVE YOU. Flattering, kinda. But, it could send "stalker" signals right off the bat. Not really the vibe you want to give off. Let them know what message resonated with you, why you felt called to reach out, how they have helped you grow.

4. Let them know how you might be able to support them. Don't present it as a sales pitch. Rather: You have helped me so much, so I would love to support you in my zone of genius if you ever need it!

Best-case-scenario: They recognize you from interactions in forums, groups, etc., and a relationship/mentorship buds

Worst-case-scenario: They say hello and you never hear from them again. OR, you never hear back. At the time of publication, this has not happened to me ONCE! But, that doesn't mean that it won't, and I am mentally prepared.

**Please, don't follow up with multiple messages that include apologies and, "WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER ME?!" This spells out desperation. I promise.**

Nervous about your first time? Reach out to me, and I can help walk you through it! Once you have interacted with one of your business idols, it can open you up to new possibilities and collaborations, changing your life forever.