How to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring Without Spending a Dime

Spring has finally sprung once again ... thank goodness. Time to say goodbye to the days of multi-layering sweaters or sweater and boots over jeans.
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Spring has finally sprung once again ... thank goodness. Time to say goodbye to the days of multi-layering sweaters or sweater and boots over jeans.

We are back to the season of sunny afternoons and breezy tank tops. Finally, you can bring out your favorite kimono and rock it over a crop top and cut off shorts.

It is once again time to welcome cheerful color combos, seasonal prints, lightweight flowy fabrics, and lace up sandals. Whether you've been storing your spring pieces in the back crevices of your closet or have recently been on a massive shopping spree, now is the time to gather everything together, think spring, and update your look for a fresh start.

However, for most of us on a college budget, that means that we usually cannot afford the luxury of splurging on an entirely brand new and seasonably appropriate wardrobe.

This is when we have to get creative and make the most of our resources.

Reappropriating cold weather pieces for springtime can be simple and even fun when you exercise the proper styling methods.

For instance, if you plan on using heavy fabrics, make sure that they're colorful and not reminiscent of your winter coat. Use basics such as t-shirts and jeans paired with breezy blouses or tanks.

There are a million ways that you can update your existing threads into an updated and spring ready wardrobe without spending a dime. Just be creative and don't be afraid to improvise.

Check out some of these spring-transitioned ensembles for a bit of warm weather sartorial inspiration.

Pretty Pastels

Pastels are just about as "groundbreaking" as florals when it comes to spring fashions. However, there's probably a reason they are a classic for this time of year.

Use any pastel items that you happen to have hidden in your closet as much as possible. Say you have a favorite pastel cardigan or long sleeve tee still in your closet, try pairing the item with a midi skirt or your favorite pair of shorts.

The Oxford Shirt

This past fall and winter brought along a prepster revival, with the classic button up shirt serving as a go-to for everything from professional endeavors to social outings.

This spring, the classic men's shirt gets a stylistic makeover without losing any of its function.

The simplicity and accessibility of the solid blue or white oxford makes it the ideal anchor piece for whimsical patterns and vibrant colors.

By being perfectly cut and fitted, the button shifts neutrals from utilitarian to elegant and provides a polished foil for statement necklaces. Simply layer this top over shorts, roll up the cuffs, add some bangles, and you're good to go.

Cropped Jacket

Another classic, and fall appropriate item that can easily be refreshed with new details, the cropped jacket should certainly be included in your spring wardrobe.

If your already available jacket isn't properly colorized for the spring season, just add a brightly cinched belt for a combo that looks super modern yet seasonably capable.

This item can be worn with virtually every spring item, such as a maxi skirt or sundress and can serve to take your ensemble up a few fashionable notches.

Ankle Booties

Yes, these shoes were definitely one of your fave go-to's for social outings during the fall months. But, luckily your money was well spent, because you can bring these bad boys back for the sunny spring days!

Whether you opted for elegant black leather or a backless intricate pair, ankle booties are the quickest way to keep a pleated skirt from looking too librarian or to rescue wide-legged trousers from out-and-out androgyny.

Wear these with: a guilt free conscience. These may be a bona fide trend but you're going to wear them to death up until next fall and in a year's time you can retire them knowing that they led a busy and fulfilled life.


Shiny silvers and coppers were all the rage this past fall, so there is bound to be at least one glitzy item stowed away in your wardrobe.

Try vamping up a subtle spring ensemble with a dash of shiny metallic. Pair skinny jeans with silver shoes or layer a shiny sweater over a basic pencil skirt, and you can take an average daytime fall look into formal spring territory.

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