How to Uplift the Artistic Latino Community

If and when (because it has, and continues to come) I have the opportunity to not only fund my work, but that of others, I will make sure that the creatives getting the funding are already active within the community, in whatever way possible, trying to help others. Be it by blogging about issues, to promoting content by others. Community is based on the act of reciprocity.

I see way too many people who complain they don't get any support from the community, and they themselves don't lift one finger, or spend one dime, or donate their time to speak for those they're asking undying support from. You, as an actor, as a painter, as a writer/director have absolutely no right to feel betrayed or upset with the community because it doesn't want to support your work, and you don't support the work of others. I'm not speaking just about spending your money (like having to hop on a train and spending money, purchasing tickets for an indie). There are other ways you can help: sharing, tweeting, engaging, promoting the work of others. Recommending is always a big plus. Especially if you have access to those that can make a difference.

Don't get me wrong, either. I don't support anyone blindly just because they're Latino, or a woman, or a person of color. I also consume content created by white folks that intrigues me. Content that ins't mindless or mediocre. I even consume pop that's considered mindless and mediocre by others, but I have the right to spend my money and my time in whatever garbage I want to spend my money and my time in.

My point is that the content has to be good, and of course, will yield a return (at least has a decent run, and/or has the potential to launch careers, even if it doesn't make any money), and the creators who benefit from it will pay it forward instead of talking down or being indifferent to those after them who are looking for the same opportunity.

Besides, most corporations and brands (as well as celebrities) have gotten hip to the idea that those entities that are in the business of selling anything get more of a loyal following if they're philanthropic or stand behind a progressive social issue.

Let's get with the program. Especially you, a Latino executive, investor or head of any diversity department that is created to understand and reach our communities. Sponsor, fund and invest in talented people with a heart. In the end, it will pay off in many ways, and not just monetarily. We can be better by doing better.

Now is the time.