How To Put Your Hair Up In A Claw Clip And Make It Actually Look Chic

It’s possible, as long as you choose the best clip for your hair. We have the expert tips and the best TikTok tutorials.
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You know those big, usually ugly claw clips everyone was hoarding in the ’90s? Well, they are back and better than ever, and evidently here to stay. The question on everyone’s lips: How can you make them look good? There are some people (looking at you, Matilda Djerf) who have that effortless style when it comes to clips and claws, but it’s actually not that easy to perfect your technique. If you struggle, read on for some expert tips.

The comeback of clips is a much-loved trend among hair experts. “I love that they are being used by everyone ― there’s not one specific way,” said David Lopez, a celebrity hairstylist.

“I love a good clipped-up ’90s hairstyle,” said Stephanie Angelone, a master stylist at RPZL hair extension and blowout bar in New York City. “My favorite look is to combine a claw clip with textured waves that look like a full waterfall ponytail, like how Kim Kardashian has done [her hair] a few times recently.” Texturizing spray is essential when trying out claw clip hairstyles, for hold and longevity of the look, Angelone said.

The good thing with clip hairstyles is that they can be as glam or romantic as you’d like. “I’m loving a low, twisted, piece-y hairstyle,” said Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “You gather the hair into a low ponytail, twist it up and secure it with the claw clip. Pull pieces out from the front and by the temples and the back for softness.”

Can A Clip Look Chic?

Absolutely, according to the experts. That’s partly due to the endless options of clips available nowadays. “Clips don’t look the same way they did in 1989 ― they are adorned with crystals and can be used all day and even at nighttime,” Lopez said.

In beauty, nothing is ever one-size-fits-all, considering how personal our routines are, from skin to body and hair. “A lot of people love the easy-to-do ‘twist the hair and pin it’ that gets the hair out of the face, but it’s all about accessorizing,” Lopez said. “Play and experiment.”

Finding The Right Size Clip

It all depends on the style you want to achieve, as well as the type of hair you have and how heavy it is. For fine hair, smaller claw clips are preferred; for curly and thick hair, the bigger the better.

“Depending on the hairstyle, small claw clips (one to two inches) are ideal for finer or shorter hair, half-up half-down hairstyles and updos,” Hurtado said. “Medium claw clips are the best one-size-fits-all and are also great for twist hairstyles.”

Techniques For Different Hair

Each of the experts we spoke with has their own way of doing things. Below are their tips.

Curly Hair

Hurtado: “Section your hair on top as would with a half-up, half-down style and secure it into a loose bun with a claw clip. Repeat this same step for the bottom half. You should have two loose buns secured with claw clips. Let pieces of your hair naturally fall out and around your face for a chic look.”

Angelone: “For curly hair, I’d recommend using curl creams. Wash your hair [and] add your preferred curl cream and curl-enhancing products so the hair looks full and structured after you clip it up.”

Here are some tutorials from TikTok for curly hair:

Heavy Hair

Lopez: “When it comes to heavy hair, you want to create a little bit of a base underneath. So if you find that the clip is sliding out of your hair, then you want to either add a little bit of texture spray or hairspray to the clip itself, to get a little bit more grip. If you want to do a half-up style you can also add a texturizing spray directly to your hair.”

Hurtado: “Tie your hair into a low ponytail, securing it with a hair tie so you know your hair won’t go anywhere. Twist it upwards and secure with the clip and let the ends of the hair fan out over the claw clip.”


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Frizzy Hair

Lopez: “I would even suggest to embrace the frizz! Have fun with it, put a clip here and there and tuck some hair behind the ears. Make it purposeful!”

Hurtado: “Gather your hair into a ponytail in the back and section it into two, then braid the sections together, forming a rope braid. Once you’ve braided all the way to the end, bring it upwards, wrap it around and secure it with a claw clip. You should have a textured style.”

Angelone: “Most frizzy hair tends to look the best on day two, when the natural oils have spread through your hair and tamed the frizz at this point, so it will be easier to style, smooth and have a structured result.”

Wavy Hair

Hurtado: “Section the top half of your hair and gather your hair as you would put it in a ponytail. Loop the ponytail around your fingers once then secure it with the claw. The ends of the hair should be out and showing from the bottom of the claw clip. This style should be a tousled look.”

Angelone: “Clip your hair up and curl it section-by-section. I’d recommend curling with a waver like Trademark Beauty Babe Waves. This will help enhance your natural waves and give extra hold.”

Straight Hair

Hurtado: “For straight hair, it’s easy to just run out the door. If you’re in a hurry, quickly wrap up your hair once and secure it with a fun claw clip.”

Lopez: “I embrace straight hair and I love snap clips [old school metal clips]. The adorned ones look great and are so easy to use in the front of the hair. They just snap right into place.”

Curtain Bangs

Hurtado: “Round brush your curtain bangs till you get a swoop effect. Wrap your hair up pretty high and secure with a claw clip. Pull out random pieces of hair. This style gives Pamela Anderson vibes.”

Lopez: “I love to use clips to hold off the side of the curtain bangs and to show off the center of the fringe”

Angelone: “Hair clips are literally made for those with curtain bangs! It gives you that little extra volume and up-do look in the front while your hair is clipped up. I cut mine purposely so I can do this hairstyle!”

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