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How to Use Edible Adhesive to Create a French Fry Bun

For some reason I'm always looking for ways to turn foods that aren't normally used as buns into buns.
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For some reason I'm always looking for ways to turn foods that aren't normally used as buns into buns. First I created a breakfast sandwich that had a bun made from hash browns. After that I used a circular bacon weave as a bun for a breakfast burger. Most recently I decided to try using some edible adhesive -- normally used by bakers to attach edible decorations to cakes -- to glue some French fries together, which I then cut into a couple circles to use as buns for a cheeseburger. Yep, a hamburger bun made from French fries!

The first step was to get some fries and really, any fries will do just as long as they're straight cut, because if they aren't straight you're going to have a hell of a time trying to glue them together.

It's also important that your fries are nice and crispy. This edible glue isn't like Super Glue where you barely have to press two things together and they'll stick, so if your fries aren't cooked thoroughly and you try gluing them together they'll just end up squished.

Once I had two squares of fries glued together I placed an upside-down glass over each one and cut around it with a knife to create the two circular "buns" that you can see in the photo. After that it was just a matter of adding some lettuce, tomato and my cheeseburger and enjoying my meal!

Prior to making this bun out of French fries I was a little worried about how the edible adhesive might affect the taste of my cheeseburger. I tasted the glue on its own ahead of time and although it was primarily tasteless it did have a slight hint of lemons to it, but as part of a burger I couldn't distinguish any taste difference at all. Granted, it still takes a little more time to do it this way than to just use a regular bun and eat your fries on the side, but come on, that's how its always been done!