How To Use JBOX App - A Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform

How To Use JBOX App - A Blockchain Based Video Streaming Platform
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JBOX is a stupendous application that acts as a cryptocurrency video streaming platform by using a decentralized blockchain technology. It offers the latest technology to the users so as to reach a large number of viewers and also have an increased revenue by means of providing a perfect video market across various platforms. It also provides a marvelous opportunity to embed video content onto your site or platform.

Benefits Of Video Embedding In JBOX App

The JBOX player plays a major role in decentralizing the video market by making use of blockchain technology. It will enable the members to make money by either watching or uploading videos of all varieties through the JBOX platforms. There has been a rapid growth in blockchain technology due to its capability to create multiple platforms for a large number of services. Both software application marketplaces and content creation platforms can be easily created by using this technology. Through Blockchain technology, JBOX App primarily concentrates on decentralization in order to eliminate unnecessary middlemen and let the users and creators of videos interact directly.

Embedding a video in JBOX Player will help you to host the video at the desired location and also link it to the location. It will also help to play the video faster and with a better quality. It provides lots of viewers by contributing to optimization. Video embedding is the process whereby the video is paired with the JBOX app by using a code and then placing the code into a web page. With the help of the embedding, you can place the video in a particular web page by using the JBOX player and run the video on the page. The users of the application are provided with various embedding options from basic levels to the advanced levels.

Single-Line Video Embed

The single-line video embedding is a basic video embedding procedure which can be carried out in JBOX app. It is a very easy embedding process that needs only a single line of code. It is the fastest way to get the player onto your site. The code must consist of the player ID, the media ID and the JavaScript library reference of the player. The embedding can be carried out on videos that are hosted by the JBOX player or those that are hosted elsewhere. First, you need to enter the single line embed code onto a page. This code will consider the settings you have made for the content and the player and activate it on a web page. The single line embed can be built either in the dashboard or can be programmed automatically.

You can embed a video to the JBOX Player platform by either adding the video to the platform by pasting the content URL or by uploading the video. Uploading the video will be a better option if the video is to be hosted on some other platforms as well. Then, you must add the video to your library in the JBOX player either by adding the video URL or by uploading the video. As the video gets added to the library, you may even change the metadata about the video according to your wish. Next, you must save the settings that you made and get back to the list of contents in the library. You will have the choice to select the ‘embed’ option either from the video detail page or from the list of contents.

You must click on the ‘embed’ option so that a dialogue box gets displayed by providing you access to go ahead with the embedding procedure. You must select the player of your choice and then the embed code of the selected video will get displayed in a single line. This code would contain the player ID and the video ID. You are supposed to choose the copy icon in order to copy the embed code. After this, you need to use the code editor of your choice and paste this embed code to the body of an HTML document which relates to the page in which you want the video to appear. That's it. Just with a single line, video embedding into JBOX app is accomplished.

Custom Video Embed

Custom video embedding offers additional features than the regular embedding. It will enable to provide extra functions like user interactions, advertising etc. It also helps to reduce the video loading time and make it faster. The customized embedding requires the JavaScript, HTML Div, the JBOX player library and the video files that are to be embedded. In order to enable the JBOX player onto your web page, you need to paste the JavaScript library file in it. Then, you must construct a ‘div’ with the entire JavaScript code comprising the player components onto the webpage where you want the player to run.

Now, you are supposed to obtain the platform and video IDs using the JBOX API and insert the IDs into the source code of your page source by using a code editor. Then, you can customize your content by providing the relevant code.

Video embedding in JBOX app is a very simple process which anyone can carry out without the requirement of any technical expertise and enjoy playing the videos of your choice at your desired web pages or platforms.

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