How to Use the New Year’s Countdown to Transform Your World

If you’re ready to transform your world, to find true love, to strengthen a relationship, to lead your best life yet, start by including these three words in your New Year’s Eve countdown.

When you say these three little words out loud,, say them quietly to yourself, or simply write them down on a piece of paper take a moment to think of the power they contain.

How can ONLY three little words, three powerful little words transform your world?

The power of these three little words comes from their clarity, their simplicity and their ability to FOCUS your mind.

When you include them in your New Year’s Countdown you are increasing their power because you are focusing them on a single goal: empowering yourself.

And you are not alone. Whether saying these words silently to yourself or shouting them out loud, you are thinking, saying, or speaking them in a crowd of billions of people who are counting down the START time together, around the world.

Every New Year, people around the world join together to count down the last 10 seconds of the OLD year and to start in the New Year with a cheer. And in a blaze of flashing lights and good will, we’re off and running... into the new year.

Everyone wants the new year to be better than the past. right? So, what if just before midnight everyone was granted three wishes, and what if these three wishes included something like: “I want my life to be better, I want to be happier, I want there to be more peace and love in the world.”

If these are wishes you might choose, then here’s how to make these wishes come true. Just say these three little words to yourself, or out loud, as you join in the New Year’s countdown to midnight and the beginning of a new year:


In just three clearly stated words you are claiming your power. You are owning it! And you are not alone.

Every year, the New Year’s Countdown takes place at the same time, just before midnight - over 24 hours - all around the world. It takes place in time zones all around the world as people count down the last 10-seconds together in villages, towns, and cities like New York, London, Cairo, New Delhi, Beijing, and Tokyo.

Is it possible that we humans all want the same things in life? Could it be true that most of us simply want more peace, love, and happiness in the world? You can make that happen when you own your power. Own it in any way you choose.

When you believe deep down inside yourself that you are powerful, when you can say it to yourself and mean it, or say it out loud, then let your words and actions reflect that power in the new year.

This is how change happens. You have the power to change your world. And NOW is the time to own it!

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