How to Use Visual Content to Trigger More Engagement [Infographic]

Images and visual content attract more social shares, but they also engage your customers, potential customers, and website visitors -- causing them to stay on your website longer. This increases the odds of them converting into a lead or sale.

We are all naturally visual creatures, remembering only 20 percent of what we read, while retaining 80 percent of what we see. While it is obvious that visual content is more effective, simply publishing visual content for the sake of it isn't going to automatically produce favorable results. If you want your images to engage your audience they have to be appealing.

So, what makes images and visual content appealing? You need a compelling topic, the correct colors, a great design, suitable dimensions, and a well thought out promotion strategy designed to deliver a solid ROI.

To help you develop a visual content plan to increase your engagement, my company teamed up with HubSpot to create the infographic below.


To view the full-size infographic or to share it on your website, click here.

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