How To Wear Your Boyfriends Jeans All Week Long

Just say no to skinny jeans.

Boyfriend jeans are the best kind of jeans. They're loose enough that you don't have to unbutton them after a big meal, they look good dressed up or dressed down, oh, and did we mention the eating thing? In summation, they are the only jeans we want to wear everyday... so why not?

Well you can and you should get maximum mileage out of your bf jeans, and we're going to show you how. To help plan your outfits for the week, we've come up with five different ensembles, all using this one pair of amazing Frame Denim bf jeans. You're welcome.

Day 1: Oversized Button-Up + Aviators + Colorful Heels

Day 2: T-Shirt + Trench Coat + Sneakers

Day 3: Blazer + Striped T-Shirt + Sandals

Day 4: Leather jacket + Denim shirt + block-heel sandals

Day 5: Bomber jacket + Bodysuit + Sneakers

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