How To Wear Headbands When You're A Grown-Up

The Grown-Up Guide To Wearing Headbands

Headbands serve two purposes in our lives: They are an easy way to keep bangs and flyaways from falling into our eyes, and they salvage a bad hair day within seconds. But most women shy away from wearing headbands altogether because they are afraid of looking too childish or dated.

While we can certainly relate to this skepticism, it is indeed possible for grown-ups to pull off headbands. Here are five ways:

1. Faux Braid Headband: A faux braid headband is perfect for anyone who is not great at braiding their own hair or wants to add an interesting bit of texture to her hairstyle. Choose a faux braid headband that is close to your hair color and wrap it further back from your hairline so that it appears more natural.

faux braided headband

2. Jeweled Headband: We love adding a bit of sparkle to our updos, especially during the holiday party season. But there is a fine line where a jeweled headband starts to look like a Christmas tree ornament. Look for embellished headbands that are on the smaller side so that the jewels don't take over your head and distract from your 'do.

jeweled headabnd

3. Woven Headband: This retro-inspired headband is meant to be seen, so we suggest wearing it pulled over simple side-swept bangs. When you pair a woven headband with an over-the-top hairstyle, it looks as though you're trying too hard... or really don't know how the heck to wear the accessory.


4. Black Satin Headband: We know this is the closest style to what you may have worn in your childhood days. The key to making a black satin headband work when you're a grown woman is to not pair it with a severe ballerina bun or super straight hairstyle. Keep it fresh with an effortless, tousled updo or flowy locks.


5. Double Headband: Our bathrooms are filled with double headbands from the drugstore. But you can get a bit more creative with them beyond your typical gym hair. The two strips can help keep your bangs in place and anchor a short haircut or an updo like the French twist.


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