Hot Pants: How To Wear Them And Still Look Like A Lady (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: How To Wear Hot Pants And Feel Confident About It

The term "hot pants" may make many of us shudder as thoughts of too-tight, overstuffed or overexposed come to mind. However, no matter what your body type may be, the idea of wearing these retro short shorts doesn't have to be so intimidating, especially if you know which style fits you best.

For the spring season, designers like Jason Wu and Dolce & Gabbana showed a variety of hot pants in pretty prints and varying cuts, while celebrities like Poppy Delevigne and Beyoncé took the Jayne Mansfield-inspired trend to the streets. And while we aren't all graced with the body of a supermodel or a singing sensation (hey, Mansfield wasn't a size two), it's a daring look that we normal people can actually pull off. Here's how:

1. Lengthen legs with a super high heel for a night out. If you aren't six feet tall, wearing hot pants with a pair of killer stilettos will accentuate your frame and leave your limbs looking long.

2. Cover up your top half with a sharp blazer. There is such a thing as showing too much skin. Though your legs will be bare, a chic blazer over a loose blouse will streamline the entire look.

3. Try it as a bikini bottom instead. Not quite comfortable incorporating hot pants into your everyday wardrobe? Wear them as a bikini bottom to recreate that '50s beach bombshell vibe.

4. Fit is key. Make sure you find the right hot pant for your shape. Luckily this season many options are a little longer and more loose-fitting for curvier figures, on top of those bum-skimming options for the skinny minnies out there. Bottom line: always try on before you buy!

Getty/GoRunway, Art by Bobby Doherty

Click through the gallery below to see our favorite picks for the best hot pants styles (and fits) of the season.

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Topshop Striped Hot Pant, $64