Why You Should Give 'Ugly' Nail Polish Colors A Second Chance

Don't knock that yellow lacquer until you try a more flattering shade.

Picking a nail polish color can get pretty stressful. However, we sometimes regret our decision once the first coat is applied and it dries down to an unflattering hue. Then, we're too ashamed to ask the manicurist to remove it.

According to celebrity nail stylist Gracie J, the key to finding the perfect color is first understanding that there is a wide array of colors, shades and hues to pick from. She explains, "Whether you are beautifully fair or beautifully chocolate, you will need to figure out if you're warm, cool or neutral toned."

An easy trick Gracie J uses to determine the "undertones" of her clients is by looking closely at the veins colors in their forearm. Blue veins equals cool tone, while green veins translate to a warmer tone.

To paint a clearer picture of what exactly works for those with warm versus cool undertones, we put together this helpful guide to nail polish colors you may believe are "ugly." You won't be so quick to give the side-eye to that bottle of green lacquer after reading this.

Deborah Lippmann | CND | Zoya
In addition to picking the right shade of blue, nail shape is also very important to avoid looking like a teenager. For a more elegant and mature look, try an almond-shaped nail. Individuals with warm undertones should look for blues that are deeply pigmented, and a soft pastel blue will look best on those with cool tones.

Try: Deborah Lippmann Video Killed the Radio Star, $18, CND Vinylux Creekside Weekly Polish (check your local salon/spa for availability and price) and Zoya Kristen, $9
Butter London
Fear that you will look like you have jaundice wearing yellow nail polish? There's hope! Pantone's seasonal color report for this fall featured Oak Buff, "a golden yellow that acts to nurture and comfort." This color complements warm and cool-toned ladies.

Try: Butter London Bumster, $15
Ginger + Liz | Butter London
To avoid having "turtle hands," opt for nail color hues that are more of an earthy-toned green or a bit more on the teal side.

Try: Ginger + Liz All Decked Out, $12 and Butter London Slapper, $15
Smith & Cult
Red nails are a classic. Yet, there are still women who shy away from it because the hue makes their hands look "old" or they feel like a "witch." Keep in mind that red doesn't just come in one shade. Step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with an orange-y red. If you want something with more fierceness and drama, try a marsala or oxblood.

Try: Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle (a color that Gracie J says works on many skin tones), $18
Smith & Cult | La Pierre Cosmetics
Even in a lax office environment, you may not feel comfortable wearing bright and bold nail polish colors. However, that doesn't mean that all neutral shades are appealing. These two "dope neutrals" are manicurist approved!

Try: Smith & Cult Doe My Dear, $18 and La Pierre Cosmetics Break of Dawn, $10

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