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How To Win Big In Life Starting From Where You Are Now

After a rough starting half of 2017, my happiness was depleting and I didn’t know how to regain my strength. There are many reasons that may be causing it but I know for a fact that one of the reasons was this new “big girl job” which was too much for me to endure. Not only was I feeling like I had aged 10 years, especially from the type of lifestyle I was forced to live. 6 AM get up for a 10 hour work day/ 45 hour work week. One hour lunch break. Make dinner, walk the dog, go to sleep. I had completely lost my cool. Not cool. I really was not living the life I was made to live. Obviously, I didn’t think much of it, as the adult working world is not supposed to be glamorous but it’s absolutely not supposed to drain the life out of you and make you a miserable person. The moment I realized that I was missing out on something was when I saw my friends working desk jobs, just like I was, and having a blast. They had that perfect work/life balance. Which is what we are looking for and needing. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. There is a place for everyone, it just takes the patience to find that.

How I Did It:

I took a step back and evaluated the problem (why are things different? Is it a good different or a bad, unhealthy different?).

Stick it out. until you come to a healthy solution (don’t irrationally leave; stay and work hard but keep an eye out for new opportunities that may pop up out of nowhere).

Follow through. (Once you find something, follow through and set goals for yourself. Now that you know what you don’t like, ask the right questions so you don’t fall short).

What You’ll Need:

Positivity. (surround yourself with things and people that build you up rather than drag you down. Be with people who make you a better person every day).

Perseverance. (there will always be tough times, breathe and gather your thoughts and push forward there is always another way).

Happiness. (someone wonderful told me that happiness is the number one in this world, find it).

It’s wonderful, the moment you finally are free from the problems. It’s a release of toxins from your body. Of course, there will be repercussions of it, withdrawals but your heart and mind will finally be at peace again once you let go. This is how you win big in the world. Now that there are so many new and exciting opportunities that are offered, whether it be in a job, a relationship, or anything you come across in life, take the risk. Don’t get bogged down in the weight of negative lifestyles, create your own and be the difference you want to see.

Collaboration with Cassandra Vella.

Originally published on Paige to Page