How to Wow Your Partner on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is wonderful. It's literally a celebration of Love. Yes, Love should be celebrated every hour of every single day, because it's that special. Here are 11 ways to make February 14 an extra joyous occasion.

1. Reserve A Table... At Home!

Anything can be special, if you make it so. A cozy dinner at home can be overly romantic with a little assistance. Make the table look unique. Take out your fancy dishes, bring home a delicious bottle of wine, OD on flowers and candles, and bam -- you have a new tradition just for you two.

2. Head to a Spa

Getting spa-ed relaxes you and makes you feel like a million dollars. Who wouldn't want to indulge in a little R&R? Valentine's day is a great excuse to pamper yourself. Book a couples treatment and take advantage of a chance to unwind.

3. Plan an Indoor Picnic

An indoor picnic is a cool way to be low key and hang at home. It's cute, easy and different. Put a blanket on your bed, bring home some chocolate, wine and cheese, and make clothes an optional choice.

4. Go Ice Skating

When was the last time you went ice-skating? Hold hands, have some hot chocolate and enjoy skating around. It's the perfect dreamy winter activity.

5. Go Dancing

Who doesn't love to have a dance party with someone they care about? Dancing is a great way to have fun and let loose. If you want to really impress your lady and make her feel like Cinderella, surprise her with a new pair of shoes to wear out on the town. The higher the heel, the happier she'll be.

6. Recreate Your First Date

What could be more sentimental and special than recreating your first date as a couple? Women love being romanced and surprised. A great way to show her you care is to pay attention to all the details.

7. Sign Up for a Cooking Class

Cooking is an easy way to have some messy G-rated fun. It lets you be touchy feely and try a new experience. Get all dressed up and get ready to learn a new recipe.

8. Have a Staycation

Spending the night in a hotel is a good way to create passion, some excitement, and a little bit of spice for your relationship. It creates an intimate experience for just you two. How fun is it to take a shower in a beautiful bathroom, put on a plush robe, and have quality time with each other!?

9. Create a Book

If you're into corny but sweet things, creating a love book is genius. You can compile all of your favorite photos and write comments next to them. Describe why you love your significant other and why you're extra thankful for him or her. This is a great way to be thoughtful without spending a lot of money.

10. Plan a Secret Getaway

Women love when men put effort into absolutely anything. A surprise trip can be hard to pull off, but if it's done right, it's oh so worth it. Get all your logistics coordinated for a weekend away and your partner will be wowed.

11. Make a Love Jar

Women love when men are expressive. They always enjoy being adored and appreciated. Take a jar and fill it with notes all about why you love your partner. The more communicative you are, the better.