How To Wrap Oversized Gifts So They Look Sophisticated, Not Sloppy

Holiday gift-giving never looked so good.

Good things come in small packages, and difficult-to-wrap things come in big packages. If you’re planning to give a rather large gift this holiday season, follow these simple steps to wrapping it like an expert ― free from the patchy cut-and-tape job seen all too often.

1. Unroll the wrapping paper onto a smooth surface and lower the top half of the box onto the paper.

2. Cut the paper to wrap around the top half of the box and secure with double-sided tape.

3. On the top part of the box with the open end, fold the flaps inward and crease; secure with double-sided tape.

 4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other side of the box.

5. Use baker’s twine to measure the width of the box, then cut another sheet of wrapping paper that’s the length of that twine.

6. Wrap the extra sheet of paper around the middle of the box, folding the hard edges over and securing with double-sided tape.

7. Using your twine, cut a length of wide ribbon. Wrap it around the box to hide where the hard edge of the paper is visible.

8. Repeat step 7 on the other side of the box, using longer ribbon that you can then tie into a bow.

 Voilà. Nicely wrapped box with no visible lines or sloppy patches.


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