Why Your Business Book has to Have a Complimentary Offer

I’ve heard it time and time again ….

“I don’t want to put anything in my book that makes it salesy.”

Uh…… when we withhold our products and services, we are doing a DISSERVICE to the world!

Now, you don’t need to sound pushy or salesy or like a big fat jerk; however, you do need to have a complimentary offer to go with the valuable content in your book. It just makes sense. It’s good business. And it’s good marketing.

Your book has GOT to have a complimentary offer!

Think about it…. If you LOVED a book and wished for more afterwards, but there was NOTHING left to help you learn and grow beyond that book, wouldn’t you be disappointed? (You’d likely move on to something else that you thought could help you with that next step)

But, if there was something enticing in the book that would lead you to a great service, wouldn’t you be EXCITED and think, “Oh, that’s so cool!” and “I need that!”

I know I would. And I have.

I get it. We all hate to be sold to in that slimy used car salesman way.

But we all LOVE to buy things for ourselves that are going to give us great joy and benefit our lives. Yes?

Here’s the thing….

Let's say you've already finished your business book and you have all the right seeding components in it and launched it successfully to Best Seller. You’ve already created some momentum with your reader through your business book.​

It would be a crying shame to stop there.

The next thing you need to do is take advantage of that momentum and not give it off to someone else in your same niche (don’t just hand off your warm lead – ack!). Besides, when people start consuming lots of products from you, they start to be loyal to your brand and think, “I’ve already done X, Y and Z with him/her, I should continue on instead of starting over with someone new.” (ever thought about that?)

In fact, your book doesn’t even have to move the reader directly to your $10k signature coaching package. It can move them to your free Facebook group, your free 3 part video series, a special “reader only” $9 product – anything to get them from the book, into the bigger world of YOU so that you can NURTURE and LOVE on them and so they’ll start to really get connected to you.

Get it?

So stop worrying. It doesn’t do any good to worry. Just solve the problem (I just gave you the answer anyway) to not wanting your book to be salesy, but still convert readers into clients.

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