How To Write: New Video Pokes Fun At Publishing Process

"I'm going to write a novel."
"For the love of all that is holy, why?"
"Because I'm going to be a writer."

And so begins the newest YouTube video satire from David Kazzie about the woes of the publishing industry.

Two digitally animated bears -- or, er, maybe they're pigs or puppies -- in a cabin engage in a debate because one of them says he is "going to write a novel." When asked by the other about the last book he read, he replies, "I saw all of the Harry Potter movies."

Some other gems from the 4.5 minute clip include:

  • "Most agents are just losers who couldn't get book deals."
  • "Do you think they'll let me direct the movie version of my book?"
  • "It's science fiction crossed with chicklit crossed with literary fiction..."