How to Write Popular Blog Posts in 10 Steps

How to Write Popular Blog Posts in 10 Steps
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Don’t believe those bloggers who say you can’t knock it out of the park with every single blog post.

After publishing my latest guest post on Blogging Tips I noticed something neat: I’ve published the 5 most popular posts on this authority site over the past month.

This is a well-read site that ranks as one of the top “blogging tips” blogs on earth so I was up against a handful of phenomenal bloggers and fabulous guest posts while attaining this sweet feat.

I’m far from a blogging god but do a good job giving the people what they want.

How can you create popular, traffic and income boosting blog posts?

Are you excited to figure out how to write popular blog posts consistently?

Watch this video to find out how (full article below).

Follow these tips.

1: Don’t Try to Write Popular Blog Posts

Zen master bloggers know that force negates.

If you desperately try to write popular posts you’ll swing and miss.

Focus your energies on giving maximum value versus getting maximum views.

If you give freely you will get easily.

2: Publish Based on Reader Problems

Publish blog posts based on reader problems to craft popular blog posts.

Poll your readers. Ask what they’re struggling with and publish posts answering their most pressing problems.


  • Polling readers through your blog or email newsletter
  • Asking readers through Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus
  • Questioning readers 1 to 1 through email

Once you gather a few topics simply write posts based on those problems.

Readers will gladly read and share helpful blog posts designed to ease their pain points.

3: Be Practical

Practical works.

Simple rocks.

Publish practical, “how to” style articles.

Build popular posts by specifically sharing how to solve some problem suffered by readers.

Readers crave step by step, practical problems to solve their most pressing issues.

Give your readers what they want.

Every post at Pro Blogger centers on attacking blogging problems with practical, simple tips.

4: Write Meaty Posts

Create long form, thorough posts.

Think “resource” versus “blog post” to publish popular posts.

Write 1,000 to 2,500 word, SEO-optimized, helpful resources to boost traffic.

Give your readers 10 to 12 - or more - practical tips to chew on if you want more page views.

Don’t hold back.

Generous bloggers rarely lack for blog traffic.

If you’re really feeling it write an eBook masquerading as a blog post.

Readers - and Google - crave long form content.

5: Link to Successful Bloggers

Link to successful bloggers to publish popular blog posts.

I refer to this as the “bring them along for the ride” technique.

Reference 2 or more successful bloggers in every blog post you publish.

Tag these individuals on social media. Email these influencers to alert them of being featured in your blog post.

Some of these influential bloggers will gratefully and gladly promote the post through their online channels, increasing the blog post’s popularity.

6: Pretty Pictures Please

Post eye popping images to draw in readers.

Pictures speak a language words can’t re-create.

Add 1 to 3 large, colorful, relevant images to each blog post you publish.

Readers live predominantly through their senses.

Cater to this tendency by posting pictures to your blog.

Harsh Agrawal uses awesome images at Shout Me Loud.

7: Use Double Figure Titles

Publish popular posts by using double figure titles.

Readers crave value.

If you make a big promise through a double figure title like “11 fundamentals” or “10 steps” you set the table for increased click throughs.

Using big numbers also informs readers as to exactly what they should expect.

8: Promote Aggressively through Multiple Channels

Blogging is not a “set it and forget it” activity.

I promote my posts through:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Plus Communities
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Biz Sugar
  • Just Retweet
  • Growth Hackers
  • Triberr

Market your post through as many targeted channels as possible to drive traffic.

Enjoy David Leonhardt’s excellent post to explore 111 blog promoting channels:

9: Write Crisply and Clearly (No Filler)

Write short, concise sentences to craft a popular post.

Readers want substance, not filler.

Spare the winding, long-winded posts.

Publish a thorough but crisply-written piece to resonate with your audience.

10: Keep Scannability in Mind

Despite your best efforts some readers will scan your blog post.

Other readers may intend to read your entire post but attempting to digest a less than visually appealing article leaves them with reader digestion.

They’ll exit stage left before the first 4 paragraphs.


  • Headers
  • Sub headers
  • Bullet point lists
  • Varied formatting your blog posts.

Create short, punchy paragraphs to increase the flow of your work.

Double space between paragraphs for a readable post.

Write a helpful post and package it effectively to generate max traffic.

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