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How to Write Something They Actually Care About

With so much happening on the Internet, how can you craft something that actually stands out to your market? That people will care about, and that will be helpful to them?
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Today I read that there are an estimated 45 billion webpages live on the Internet as of April, 2016. Even a week from now, a month or a year from now, can you imagine how that number will have exploded?

Talk about a crowded market!

With so much happening on the Internet, how can you craft something that actually stands out to your market? That people will care about, and that will be helpful to them?


Here are three things to keep in mind when you're creating content that you really want to connect with others in a meaningful way.

Tip #1: It's About Them
There are many, many written pieces in the blogosphere that don't hit home because they're written just for the benefit of the narrator. You've probably seen a lot of them - indulgent articles about someone's experience, long pieces chronicling a story that may or may not be funny or relevant.

A self-reflective piece that is insightful and well-written can be engaging, but when there's no "greater lesson" or takeaway for the reader, it might as well be a journal entry.

You're in business to help people. Your product or service generates income for you because it makes someone else's life better, and because of that, people are willing to pay for what you offer.

In your blog writing it's just as important to communicate something of value. Make sure you're contributing to your audience... otherwise you probably won't have much of an audience.

Tip #2: Tune into Their Questions and Comments
When you do post a blog article, pay attention to the feedback you receive (hint: if you're not receiving any feedback, see Tip #1).

People may post questions or comments or they may reach out to you directly. Pay attention to what they're saying - the things that motivate them to speak up are the same things that can be major selling points for your business.

If someone is complaining about a problem they have, what a great opportunity for you to step in with a solution! If someone asks a question about an aspect of your blog post, that's a little clue about what your tribe is thinking.

These little crumbs offer valuable insight into how your potential customers are thinking and feeling. Gold!

Tip #3: Grammar, Punctuation and Sentence Structure
I always get paranoid when I talk about the importance of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Murphy's Law would demand that these are exactly the moments where I'd get something wrong!

Those fears aside, it's very important that your blog writing is always proof-read and edited. Just like you invest time, energy and finances into having great photos and branding, the written content on your website must come off as professional.

If words are misspelled or missing, if you're incorrectly using words or phrases, if your writing just isn't easy to understand then it's time to think about delegating the task.

Remember, your blog is one of your first opportunities to connect with new potential clients. It's often the first impression you make on a new person! You wouldn't want to shake hands with a new potential client with a huge piece of spinach in your teeth and garlic breath, and having poorly written content on your website is essentially the same thing (maybe worse).

(If you'd like a little help in the writing arena, please click HERE to connect with a member of the Blog Babe team.)

How do you create content that connects with your audience? I want to know! Leave a comment in the area below to share your ideas.

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