How To 'Zen' Your Next Flight

Flying is a pain, we know that. Between elusive flight attendants, long TSA lines
and not-so-great airplane food, the whole experience is a buzzkill compared to years ago.

Never fear! We're here to help chill you out on your next flight. Here are some tried and true (and some proposed) ways to zen out on your next plane ride.

It's ok to be superstitious... but remember, they're just that: superstitions.
nervous person on a plane

Have a mini "tea meditation"...
person drinking tea

...Or try a real meditation.
meditate on planes

Take a mental break and picture yourself at a spa or just look out the window and the ground far below.
views out an airplane

Make the airplane bathroom (or even your seat) a mini-spa to keep your skin hydrated and fresh--and your mind calm.
makeup on a plane

Picture yourself at your destination.
person on a beach

Crack open (turn on?!) that book you've been meaning to read for ages. It'll take your mind off the crowded plane around you.
person reading on a plane

On your way back from vacation? Start planning the next one.
happy people on a plane

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