How Traveling Has Taught Me To Be A Happier Person

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I am indescribably happy when I am traveling.

There is no doubt about that.

But I know that I won't be able to travel forever like I do now. I want a house and family one day.

I won't be able to drop everything and backpack Asia for 2 months.

And I needed to find a way to feel that incredible traveling bliss even when I'm back at home and going to work everyday.

Here are 5 practices that I learned from traveling that make me just as happy at home as I am when I travel:

  • Have gratitude in all situations. When I'm traveling and something “bad” happens, I look at the situation in such a positive way because I'm traveling! It can't be that bad when I'm seeing the world, right?! The ferry breaks down and we have to stay on it overnight... bummer. But it's okay because we're in Indonesia!! The airport won't let me check in early and I end up having to sleep outside on a bench. I guess there's a first time for everything... and I'm in Greece, so no worries. Traveling just seems to bring out a gratitude in me that isn't usually there. And when I decided to be just as grateful at home as I am when I travel, life got a whole lot better. I have a house to live in, and a job, and amazing friends and family. I have just as much to be grateful for at home as I do when I'm traveling!
  • Meet new people. Meeting people is one of my favorite parts about traveling. I love meeting locals from another culture, but I also love staying at hostels and sleeping in a room full of people I just met. Maybe that's weird... but it pretty much forces me to make friends with new people. And I really miss that. So while I'm at home, instead of sleeping with strangers ;) I've been trying to find places where I can meet new people. Bonus points if they're not from the United States. Also, dating apps can be a great place to meet people who are traveling... no shame!
  • Make self care a priority. No way, how could I be as happy at home as I was when I went to the beach every day, and got massages once a week? That's pretty hard to top. But this routine was constant self care. And that shouldn't stop when you get home! I make time to go for walks, do yoga, meditate, eat healthy, read, and be outside. It makes a huge difference.
  • Find a job that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. I know, easier said than done. But I did it. I've been working everyday between 8 and 16 hours and it doesn't even feel like working. I'm getting paid to do what I love. Here is one of my jobs that I do online, maybe you will love it too!
  • Plan your next trip. Because I always need something to look forward to! It gives me motivation to save money, to treat my body well, and to be grateful for the time that I have at home. Even a small weekend road trip counts. Anything that gets me out of town, going on a new adventure, deepening previous relationships, and creating new ones will do the job! Plus if I didn’t have any trips planned, I might go crazy.

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