How We Choose Love When Shift Hits the Fan- Surviving Election Aftermath

How We Choose Love When Shift Hits the Fan- Surviving Election Aftermath
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Gabriel Barletta

I had a sleepless night wishing I could detach from reality. I was overwhelmed by darkness and felt like snakes were tearing up my gut.

But now I feel a bit better, because I realized love now has no choice but to wake up and make its voice heard. That feels really exciting.

Voting, and relying on the government is no longer enough, we need to (probably painfully) dig within ourselves and find the courage to allow our hearts to speak. The power of our hearts can then begin to create change by small yet impactful action; smiling at every human we pass even though we want to cry, giving strangers hugs even though we want to curl up, spreading hope even though we feel hopeless, searching for the light even though the darkness is vibrating around us.

We can say yes to our hearts, yes to love, by stepping up for a cause that makes us feel uncomfortable, but we know is crucial for the well-being of humanity.

What we were thrown into can be our catalyst to not just change the United States, but the world. We now have overflowing opportunity because we’re united in our passion to make things better, to not just be complacent and accept, but to create shifts of purpose with our hearts, and minds, and hands and words.

My call to action for us is to allow the anger, frustration, denial and shame to flow through, but then to choose love, and to make conscious actions (starting today!) to spread heart-based change, even if we don’t want to roll off our mattress (see below for a list of how the heck we can begin doing this).

This is the time when we will really see the full power of love. Because we have no choice but to choose it. If we do not choose it and use it we too will slip into the darkness.

Blame is a part of the darkness. I have overwhelming urges to place blame on many parties. But, that doesn't make me feel better; that blame pulls me down, it pulls me deeper into the anger, frustration and denial I'm allowing to flow through me and out- that pain doesn’t flow out when blame is replacing it, it just perpetuates.

The blinders are off, the shadows have come out of hiding, but so have compassion, and hope, and transformation, and healing… if we let it be so.

This energy is thick; it’s tricky to know what to do with it. Try this. (I’m force-feeding it to myself, and it’s making me lighter with each labored breath.)

1. Let all the dark feelings move through. All that crap is there- there’s no denying it. We are feeling so much, and a lot of it is really frightening. Cocoon yourself in a safe space, with an arsenal of tissue and let it rip. Let it all come up; scream, cry, be numb, be hurt, be fearful, be free to feel. Then, drink some water and rest.

2. Now, go to another safe space and feel the word love. Sometimes, “love” seems like an overused word, until we stop to feel it. Take a moment (or hundreds of moments) to feel what love means to you, and how it impacts your body- setting the intention that you will spread that feeling via thoughts and actions to others, even those you blame. And love that you are perpetuating love. Take pride in your power.

3. Spread the love through action. Write love letters to those you care about, post something beautiful and hopeful on social media, call your congressman about a cause you’re passionate about- find comfort in your influence by using it.

4. Talk to your children. Begin teaching the next generation the importance of their role in shaping the world. Encourage them to make their voices heard and fill that voice with truth and light, by doing it yourself. Teach them that every action and feeling they have ripples through humanity and does make a difference. Teach them that no one can take that power away from them.

5. Rest. This work we’re embarking on is intense. It can be as draining as it is liberating. Nurture yourself as we step up to the task of harnessing these cataclysmic shifts for good... for love.

If you're reading this as a citizen of the United States, know that we are not alone in a scary bubble. Know that we have the support and love of the world and the Universe. What a blessed opportunity to stop feeling like we are separate or different from others and connect to the knowing that we are all one, that we are all part of one beautiful organism that is composed of love- even if some tell you otherwise.

I'm crying as I write this, but the tears are not just full of regret and sadness for what could have been, they are full of hope that was galvanized by being thrust into an ultimate challenge. A challenge we didn’t believe would come, but here we are, we are in it, and we can mold it into something more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

This is a prime chance for us to choose which way we’re going to tip- into hate or love. The results of last night did not make a choice for us. It did not choose to accept sexism, it did not choose to accept racism, it did not choose to accept inequality. Only you and I hold the power to make that choice.

I choose to stand for all living creatures being treated with love, respect and equality, regardless of their sex, race or beliefs. I choose to stand for the knowingness that you and I can mold the world we want to live in. I choose to stand for love.

Let’s take our power back from the seemingly uncontrollable shifts happening in the country composed of states that currently feel anything but united, but are.

This is not the end; this is the beginning of an awakened people who will heal the Earth.

I love you.

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