How Weighing on a Scale Was Ruining My Life!

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Years ago my morning routine began the same way every day: I used the bathroom (pee as much as you can), undressed (you have to be completely naked) and placed myself on the scale, after exhaling (don't want air weight), I'd look to see what the "number" was for the day.

Some days this number made me "happy." Yes! I had my magic number and felt like I was winning! I would leave the bathroom feeling awesome, in control, ready to take on the day in a positive way because the "number" was right. My day would start off wonderful.

Other days that number made me "depressed." Ugh! It literally ruined my day. I'd almost instantly wondered how I'd failed my body, promise I'd eat good all day and be down on myself because the "number" was wrong. My day would start off in the dumps.

Then one morning something literally clicked in my brain. I woke up, ready to have a wonderful day then I saw that scale! I was afraid of stepping on that scale and letting it dictate my mood for the day because I wanted to be happy and that scale just might tell me otherwise. In that instant ,I decided it wasn't going to control me anymore. I was literally basing my moods on a number. Do you know how dumb that sounds?

So I stopped. I decided I wasn't weighing today, or everyday. Heck! I might not ever weigh again!

This didn't mean I wasn't going to watch my weight. But, I wasn't going to base my life on a "number" anymore!

Four years later and I've stuck with the "no scale" mantra. I occasionally weigh at the doctor's office, but for the most part my scale goes unused, and guess what ?I'm okay!

So how do I keep up with managing my weight? My clothes!

If my pants get a little snug, I take it that I'll go to a single cookie for dessert versus several. I may do an extra mile for a couple of days. But I don't beat myself up over it anymore. I know I'm doing the best I can.

Plus know what's even more interesting? Since doing this, I've not gained any weight .

I, like everyone else, fluctuate a few pounds here and there, but overall I'm always in the same 5-pound weight range. That shows me I didn't need that scale anyway. I needed a belief in myself that I was doing the best I can, that my body is a wonderful machine, and I was way more in control than that scale ever was.

Half the time the battle is simply in our head.

So, what's your number? Who cares!

Better questions are: "How do you feel about yourself?" and "Are you making healthy choices?" Those should be the real questions.

Don't let a scale tell you who you are, you already know deep down.