How Will God Interview Parents?

What do you say to a parent who is struggling to help a wayward -- perhaps even rebellious -- teenager?

Early in 2015, I had the opportunity to interview Nathan Mitchell, the Clinical Director of the ANASAZI Foundation. The ANASAZI Foundation is a family-focused intervention program that helps troubled youth. (And by "troubled" I mean someone who is struggling with the challenges of life. So by that definition we're all, at one point or another, "troubled.")

During the interview, I asked Nathan what he might tell parents of troubled teens. Now, this is a tricky area to offer advice because every situation is unique and requires prayerful consideration, patience, and effort; it's really difficult to condense something as important as that down to a simple soundbite.

Nevertheless, Nathan said some pretty amazing things and toward the end of the interview he shifted to a religious perspective and said something that was particularly powerful. To be honest, I think it's some of the best advice I've ever heard -- for any relationship. You can watch it in the video below.