How will the College of DuPage rebuild the public's trust?

With news that federal investigators have descended upon the College of DuPage to look into the spending habits of the school and some of its officials, Adam Andrzejewski, president of For the Good of Illinois, a watchdog group, has called for the end of shady practices at the College of DuPage.

Andrzejewski writes:

Last week, voters went to the polls to start a new beginning at College of DuPage. In the nonpartisan election, three "Clean Slate" reformers were elected as new trustees. This new majority is not beholden to the establishment of either Republican or Democratic parties. Their unique political alliances span the continuum from teachers union to Tea Party. That's good for government units throughout Illinois.

Inspired by the courage and leadership of Vice Chairman Kathy Hamilton, last May, our organization and the noted Edgar County Watchdogs kicked off a robust COD oversight investigation. Working hand-in-hand with Hamilton, we helped stop payment on a questionable $20 million state construction grant and exposed $100 million in hidden spending transactions. This created the environment for a freeze in property taxes and student tuition.

Read the rest of Andrzejewski's thoughts at Reboot Illinois.

In addition to spending questions surrounding College of DuPage President Robert Brueder, federal investigators might also turn up issues surrounding the school's foundation's contracting practices. 10 out of the foundation's 22 board members have worked at companies that have had contracts with the school, nine of which where non-competitive. The total more than $200 million in all. Find out why this could be a problem, and the legal questions surrounding it, at Reboot Illinois.