How Will the Right Try to Destroy Dr. Philip Butler?

John McCain's temperament, in three acts:

Act I: The way he chose Sarah Palin -- his first "presidential-level decision," as the media framed the choice for months ahead of time -- speaks volumes about his temperament. The consequences of that style of judgment are now playing out in real time.

Act II: Dr. Philip Butler lived across the hall from John McCain at the Naval Academy. A highly decorated combat veteran, he spent eight years at the Hanoi Hilton, nearly six of them with John McCain. What does he think about the POW experience as preparation for the White House? What does he think about the prospect of John McCain as president? Here's the video, released today by Robert Greenwald's Brave New P.A.C., of his answer. And here's an article he wrote explaining why he won't vote for McCain.

The Tuesday theme of the GOP convention is, "Who is John McCain?" Who you gonna believe, America -- Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson, or Dr. Philip Butler?

Act III: Now that the Swift Boat chickens have come home to roost, the right will try to destroy Dr. Butler. If you want a foretaste of Republican politics in the post-Bush era, just watch this one play out.