This Is How Women Journalists Are Treated On The Internet

"You need to be gagged."

That's one of many harassing comments received by journalist Mary Hamilton. In a new video from The Guardian US, Hamilton and four other Guardian editors and writers -- Jessica Valenti, Megan Carpentier, Rebecca Carroll and Sady Doyle -- read some of the abusive comments and tweets they've received.

Female journalists are particularly vulnerable to these types of comments given that they express opinions for a living -- simply turning off the computer and walking away is not an option.

Some commenters hurled insults, calling one woman a "cold-hearted, emotionless, stony bitch." Others wished horrible deaths on people they've never met, expressing hope that they would die in a "gasoline-explosion-induced car crash." And others yet invalidated women's opinions on things as minor as men's haircuts, with comments like "I think someone needs a vibrator. Go have a smoke or something,"

The very personal nature of these comments remind us just how tough it is to be a woman with an opinion on the Internet. Watch the full video above.

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