How Women Can Create A Landslide

Women are, by nature, better networkers than men. So how can this be leveraged to create a landslide on Nov. 8th?

Here's a simple strategy that harnesses the power of social networking to create an unstoppable force.

Women can form small circles of 4 friends who commit to just two things:

  1. Commit to holding each other accountable to vote on Nov. 8th (or before).
  2. Commit to holding each other accountable to recruit one other woman to form her OWN group of 4 women every single day between now and the election. She would report in to the other 3 each day on her progress.

For fun, each circle can create a name, which can play on the current memes of the day (Nasty Women, Pussy Posse) or something creative to make it fun. Each circle can have its own identity but the structure replicates along with the two core commitments.

Let's say that only one such group started today but every single woman involved fulfilled those two simple commitments. What would the numbers look like?

On day 1, there would be 4 committed women; day 2, 16; then 64; then 256; then 1024; then 4096 then 16,384; then 65,536; then 262,144; then 1,048,576; then 4,194,304; then 16,777,216; and finally, on day 12, there would be 67,108,864 women in these small circles.

Basically, if EVERY woman who participated were to fulfill those two commitments for only 12 days, this strategy would mobilize 67,108,864 women to vote and have a group to hold them accountable. Even with delays in new groups forming, there is still time in the 15 days remaining to still reach that goal, especially if many women start circles in parallel.

Right now, 67M is close to the total number of women who are expected to vote in the election at all.

Let's say that this strategy mobilized an additional 10 million women voters. That would make for an unprecedented, historical turnout for women. It would be a massive act of feminine empowerment, demonstrating without a doubt that women's needs and opinions simply MUST be addressed in a respectful way by every elected official.

It also creates a network of voting circles that can be reactivated for the all-important midterm elections, which tend to have low turnout.

I respect the power and importance of more traditional get-out-the-vote efforts but they are largely working through anonymous outreach rather than the power of friendships and networks.

All the average woman would have to do is call perhaps 1 to 3 women each day whom they already know and recruit them to do this, while sharing how it's been fun and empowering for them to form their own circle.

That's it.

Simple. Replicatable. Fun. And a truly awesome force at the ballot box.

That's how women can go from 53% of the electorate to far more and create a lasting social infrastructure to ensure our political process is balanced and respectful towards women from Nov. 8th forward.

All right ladies, what do you think?