Why The Language You Use Is More Powerful Than You Think

"I think the power of language is amazingly strong," says Dr. Phil, explaining that the words we use -- even if only to ourselves -- can impact our reality.

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil explains to Leslie, who went through a bitter divorce with her ex-husband of 22 years, how her dramatic choice of words about their circumstances may be fueling her anger even more.

"You're 100 percent right. This is self-defeating behavior," admits Leslie.

So how will she make peace when she believes her ex has cheated her out of money? Dr. Phil tells her, "You've got to stop being a victim; you've got to start being a victor. You've got to get back in the game."

Offering to assist her with professional resources, Dr. Phil says, "I can't tell you that I can change your past. Not even God can change what has happened ... The best revenge is living well ... You need to star in your own life."  

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