How Yoga Saved My Life, Business and Sanity


This time last year, I developed a strange fascination for yoga. As I delved deeper as an entrepreneur, I realized I was not the only one who was hooked on it.

It was a hectic day. The company I worked for had a major project and it was demanding. Very demanding. The project tested my endurance, creativity and speed. But a sleep deprived, drained and extremely tired employee can only do so much. My whole system screamed "Low battery. Please recharge. Plug to power source."

I hadn't slept properly for days because I had to take work home so that I will be able to tackle more work at the office. I needed a distraction or I was going to slump in front of my computer.

Instinctively I reached out and grabbed my phone and tapped on an icon. In a flash appeared the image of the very thing that was going to change my career forever - Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation.

The infographic on Pinterest made following the Sun Salutation so easy. Yoga being a low impact exercise, there was no need to put in any strain to get yourself pumping. It was gentle, swift and rhythmic. And I was going to do it right there near my desk at the office!

Perhaps this sounds crazy to you - who the heck am I kidding? You might think I'm mad - but I rehearsed the moves in my mind then stood up from my chair with a jolt. I was ready.

No one paid much attention when I stood away from my desk.

She wants to get herself some coffee, maybe? Or visit the restroom?


With my hands folded in prayer, spine long and upright, I inhaled, bent backwards and exhaled. By the time I changed pose to a low plank then inhaled as I shifted to upward facing dog, all eyes were on me.

As I shifted to hold the different poses of the Sun Salutation, I could feel energy surge through my tired body. My mind was calm, my focus was restored and, as I did the last pose of the sequence and sat at my desk, I was completely renewed.

Yoga seems to cater to both the physical and the mental well-being of a person. No wonder it's quite popular among entrepreneurs.

But there's something else about yoga that makes it more than an exercise or meditative routine. Entrepreneurs are faced with a lot of challenges, stress and anxiety.

Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps boost your energy, makes you more productive, creative and focused. That means yoga helps entrepreneurs perform optimally in their business.

Unknown to many, yoga can help improve your problem-solving abilities. The discipline of showing up on your yoga mat forces you to deal with issues. Soon you become more efficient in dealing with challenges in your business because you've trained yourself to face whatever may be holding you from practicing yoga regularly.

Can the same be said about other fast-paced exercises?

Interestingly, there is a relationship between fast-paced exercises like kickboxing and entrepreneurship. But like all other exercises, fast-paced exercises keep you fit, energetic, and agile, and helps you get rid of those extra pounds , all of which help in filling you with energy and optimism to face your busy day.

Is there a difference with yoga? Maybe. Perhaps you may not be able to enjoy the meditative vibe hidden in practicing yoga.

Is it worth a try? Absolutely. Especially when you're looking for ways to make your exercise routine fresh and interesting. As for me, maybe I'll try my hands on kickboxing when next I feel drained at the office. Who likes carrying that cellulite around, right?