How You Can Beat The Limiting Beliefs Affecting The Queer Community And Achieve Success

We shook this week's Queer Money up and busted out our wine to talk about some of our favorite topics, success and the law of attraction. We cover:

  • Limiting Beliefs that Inhibit Success
  • Actions that Inspire Success
  • Successful Results

A common theme that we've seen on Queer Money is the struggle with limiting beliefs of many in the queer community. Every demographic struggles with limiting beliefs. However, queer people are more prone to limiting beliefs because of feeling different during our adolescents.

Changing Thoughts, Taking Action & Getting Results You Want

Our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings produce our actions. Our actions produce our results. Limiting thoughts produce limiting results. One or two decades of feeling "less than" or negatively "different" affects the vibrations we put into the world and, therefore, the vibrations we get in return.

We discuss the importance of the queer community changing its thoughts and the specific actions we use to create our own successes. There's a misconception that abundance comes from positive thinking, vision boards and meditation alone. Those are simply tools to manifesting abundance. Action, is the key ingredient.

We talk about how to be prepared for and see opportunities that lead to the successes we want to attract to our lives. We talk about how to go from a day dreamer to a dream achiever.


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