How You Can Help Save The Earth One Day At A Time

We can't all be Captain Planet, but we sure can try.

As you probably know, the planet isn't doing so well these days.

We just had the hottest summer since record-keeping began more than 135 years ago, and climate change has continued to truck on unbridled (though, hopefully, that will change soon).

But, despite what you may think, there's quite a bit of hope out there. And even if you aren't a policy wonk or don't hold some form of office, you can still make a difference.

This week, The Huffington Post is rolling out a series of challenges to you, dear reader, in an effort to green up the world around you, and, with strength in numbers, do a little bit of good. We'll urge you to go meatless on Mondays. Tuesdays will be about turning off your energy-sucking electronics. And Wednesdays? Do your best to go waste-free and compost or recycle every scrap of trash.

Take a look at some of these nifty PSAs to start planning your week. Once you've watched them and learned them, share them with your friends using the hashtags below. With a little bit of support, we can make a whole lot of difference.