How You Can #SaveTheArctic With Your #WorstJoke

Why did the global oil giant go to the Arctic?

To drill for more of the oil that's causing catastrophic climate change and massive Arctic melting in the first place!!!!

Shell's plans for this summer are like a really bad joke. Like, literally, the WORST joke I can think of. Corny set-up, bad timing, and then total groan-inducing punchline.

Millions of people have already taken action to help stop Shell from heading up to Alaska this summer, but it still seems people don't quite get the total absurdity of it all--one of the most reckless oil companies on Earth is going to one of America's most delicate ecosystems to drill for one of the most extreme and destructive form of energy we have.

Shiza! It's crazy!

That's why Greenpeace is launching a project--with Lewis Black, Michael Showalter, Shalyah Evans, and hundreds of other participants -- called "Arctic Drilling is No Joke." And we're inviting YOU to participate so we can help tell Shell and the Obama administration how much flop sweat Arctic drilling will to produce.

Here's how you can join the #WorstJoke party:

Use your phone or webcam to record yourself telling the worst joke you can think of, tag it #WorstJoke & #SaveTheArctic, share it on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, or Twitter, and then challenge your friends to do worse by tagging them in our post. I know you know some terrible joke tellers.

Your Dad, your Uncle Duey, your Aunt Jen, or your friend Kyle. They're all reliably terrible punsters, jokesters, and riddlers, and we need them all to save the Arctic. We'll feature the jokes on our site -- -- and if you share your video and tag it #WorstJoke and #SaveTheArctic, we'll feature yours on the site, too.

Remember, no matter how bad your worst joke may be, Arctic drilling is worse.

Why? Because climate change has put the Arctic in grave danger. Instead of protecting the Arctic for all of us, Shell is using the crisis as an opportunity to drill for more of the oil causing climate change in the first place. If we don't stop them, the Arctic could disappear forever. And this won't just affect Alaskans. The Arctic helps stabilize the climate, so burning more fossil fuels means less sea ice, and less sea ice means more extreme effects of climate change around the world.

So, if you want to save the planet, start at the top of the world.

Sadly, oil companies like Shell are giving up on clean energy and betting on a fossil fuel future--and the Obama administration is letting them. They know there are alternatives to oil, gas, and coal, but they'd prefer to rake in the profits now and not worry about the future.

Even worse, an Arctic oil spill would be catastrophic. The Obama administration's own experts agree that there's a 75% chance of a major oil spill if Shell goes forward in Alaska, but they're letting them go forward anyway. Shell proved in 2012, it is NOT Arctic ready, and, more importantly, the Arctic will never be Shell-ready.

Greenpeace supporters know this is the fight of a generation, and they see what's happening in the Arctic right now as a turning point in the fight against fossil fuels. That's why millions of people around the world have become Arctic defenders, with more joining every day.

We'd love to have you help spread the word with your friends, and hopefully we can help tell the world that exploiting a pristine wilderness for more of the fossil fuels putting it in peril in the first place is super not funny.

Together we can tell Shell and President Obama, "Arctic Drilling is No Joke."