How You Pick Your Nose Determines Your Personality

Photo: Getty Images/Andrew Rich
Courtesy of: Andrew Rich
The latest determinant of personality.

New research has determined that the universally practiced custom of picking one's nose holds the key to determining one's personality.

Writing in the Journal of Psychiatric Development, Dr. Victor Laszlo acknowledges that although nose-picking, or rhinotillexomania, is not a socially acceptable habit, the techniques we use in accomplishing it can provide vital and accurate information about our personalities.

  • Those of us, for example, who pick our nose in private only, according to Lazlo, are lacking in openness, conventional, avoid the unfamiliar, unartistic and lack imagination.

  • In contrast, those who perform their shnozz shoveling in public, without embarrassment, are extremely open, imaginative, curious, creative, adventurous, original and artistic.
  • In addition, those nasal explorers who go deep inside their noses as though excavating a mine, are neurotic, anxious, nervous, worrying, insecure, and emotional, with excessive cravings or urges and unrealistic ideas.
  • And those who roll the snot up into a little ball and eat it, are extraverts who are talkative, optimistic, sociable, friendly and in need of excess stimulation.
  • The journal's report goes on to characterize those who nose-pick using a tissue or handkerchief; those who use their pinky or thumb as opposed to their index finger; those who wipe it off on the furniture, floor, or someone else's clothing; those who purchase celebrity boogers on eBay, and those who actually derive sexual satisfaction from nose picking.