How Young Generation is Wasting Time on Social Media Instead They Can be Millionaire

How Young Generation is Wasting Time on Social Media Instead They Can be Millionaire
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Social media platforms can be a waste of time or a source of income depending on how you make use of your online presence. You can choose to misuse the resources you use for browsing or use them to accumulate a lot of wealth. Apart from having a personal social media account where you can chat with friends, you also need an account for your business.

The challenge with millennial is that they spend a lot of time on social activities instead of undertaking beneficial deals on social media. You could turn a huge proportion of your friends on social media into productive customers. You can also get a lot of referrals from your existing networks. Some people waste a lot of time on social media while others have used the same sites to become billionaires. It's paramount to spend some time chatting with friends on social issues in life. However, you need to spend most of your time on social media on meaningful business activities if you want to become a millionaire.

Time Consuming

It is a waste of time to log into social media sites if they are not your top interest. The challenge with the young generation is that they can't tell when they become addicts to social media networking. Social media should not become a stumbling block on your road to success. You should not behave like a bonded laborer while operating on social media. I have seen people who use social media as stepping stones to success. Defending yourself against any infantilizing effects of technology is critical. You can use most of your time on social media to generate significant leads that will grow you into a millionaire.

Identify Business Opportunities on Social Media

There are always two ways of looking at a coin. The challenge with the current generation is that they only view social media platforms as a place of having fun. One thing you need to realize is that you can get a lot of business from the social media networks you create. Most of them are potential customers, or they can lead you to other clients.

You can think of a business idea you can push on social media. You can still carry out some business activities on a part-time basis even if you are in full employment. Look at the nature of friends you have and think of a product or service you can sell to them. Create a business page and make sure that all of them are your followers. You may find yourself becoming a millionaire courtesy of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as long as you think outside the box.

Use Social Media as a Learning Tool

Several skills out there can develop you into a millionaire. Most of these skills are within friends whom you interact with on different social media pages. Apart from chatting on important social matters, make sure you also talk business. You can learn so much business skills from your followers. Some of them are professionals in your line of interest. Others have gone through the challenges you are encountering and have better solutions. Make sure you use your online time to learn some income generating techniques that will add to your investments.

Limit your Time on Social Media if you have other things to do

Don't spend a lot of time on social media at the expense of your work. You will agree with me that time is money. If your income generating activities are offline, limit the time you spend on Facebook and other social media platforms. You could spend such time to do a lot of work and generate more income for investment purposes. As a millennial, you should always attach value to the time you have.

Socialization is important, but you need to budget for the time you spend on social media if it doesn't bring any extra coin to your pocket. This approach calls for a lot of self-discipline because most of these sites are addictive. First, you have to understand that logging into social media requires internet connectivity. It implies that you need bundles to connect with friends. You can invest some of these resources into profit generating activities if you don't get any return from social media.

Secondly, you could use part of the time you spend on social media to engage in meaningful activities. You need to look at social media from an investor's point of view. The truth of the matter is that social media platforms make a lot of profits from users. Take advantage and also make a kill from these connections.

Social Media Grants you Access to the Global Market

Gone are the days when the geographical location was a limitation in the trading industry. Currently, you can meet a customer and close a business deal within minutes courtesy of social media. Social media allows you to sell anything all over the world. You can use a small proportion of social media users to become the next billionaire.

Social media exposes you to so many individuals and opportunities. The mistake that the young generation makes is that they don't take advantage of what these sites present to them. You can trade with someone from another continent by a click of the button. The advantage is that most social media followers are in the juvenile stage. The young generation can be full of millionaires if they seize the opportunities that social media presents.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Most social media sites like Facebook provide opportunities that allow you to boost the visibility of your promotional posts. You will pay a small fee to ensure that your content reaches the target market. The advantage with Facebook promotions is that they allow you to choose certain demographic features of your target market such as location, age, and profession just to name a few.

Budget for your Time and evaluate the Results

Apart from budgeting on how you will spend your time on social media, you also need to assess the results. Evaluation is the only way you will be sure that you are having meaningful interactions. Ensure that you understand how much income comes as a result of social media and work towards increasing the proceeds.


Social media can create several millionaires among the young generation if and only if they learn to stop wasting time on these platforms. You can use these sites to create wealth or limit the time you spend on social media to generate income from other sources. You can use social media to identify business opportunities, learn new techniques, get access to the global market and promote your products. All you need to do is to budget for your time on these platforms and measure results. These tips will assist you to discover better ways of using social media to accumulate wealth.

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