How Your Birth Order Shapes Your Personality

Are you a very neat person? Do you try to color coordinate your clothes? Love making lists? There's a good chance you're first born in your family birth order.

Your birth order affects your personality and nearly every aspect of your life, but it is not an absolute, indelible mark. It's only one of many factors in personality development. And no one order is better than another, however, it can be reversed or turned around by illness, early death, or the mental incapacity of a sibling.

If You're the First Born ...
The first-borns often are high achievers and are very conscientious, reliable, and loyal. They're also scholarly (not all the time, though) and feel better being in control of a situation (I know I do).

Why? The parents. It's the first baby and while there's a lot of excitement and anticipation on the parents' part, there's also a lot of pressure and demand from them to be the best.

This can result in two basic types: compliant and wanting to please, or strong-willed and aggressive. (It's possible to have traits of both.)

First-borns often have to grow up fast and become "little adults" before they're ready.

If the first is a female, she may be another "mother" to her siblings. If there's a youngest brother, he may be "mothered" by sister--even through adulthood! With the oldest brother, however, it's mutual respect and a friendly rivalry.