How Your Body Affects Your Bottom Line

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This is a guest post by Dr. Nick Zyrowski about how cellular nutrition might be the key to unlocking your best performance. Dr. Nick is known for showing entrepreneurs and business executives how to operate at their highest level through cutting edge cellular nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes that enhance the quality and longevity of their life.

My biggest fear of going to work was that I would vomit on my clients, but I was fully aware that my absence would cost my company a non-refundable $3,000 dollars if I didn’t show up because of a stomach bug or the flu.

If you think health doesn’t affect your income as an entrepreneur or top performer, think again.

I rarely get sick and I recover quickly, and it’s not because I’m lucky. This isn’t the case for many working individuals. In fact, it’s estimated that over 80 percent of our workforce has a chronic illness. Those chronic illnesses are responsible for nine days of absenteeism per individual per year and up to 91 days of lost productivity per employee per year. Even if you’re physically present at work, you can have zero capacity to perform when your health is depleted.

How does that affect your bottom line? Consider this: the average individual makes around $200 per day. If you take $200 and multiply that by nine days, you are automatically out $1,800 per year. That’s $1,800 off the table right away, but the costs compound from there: 91 days of decreased performance also prevents you from receiving a bonus, raise or promotion.

Those who work with a supercharged brain that nurtures creativity, focus, positivity and mental stamina will outperform peers and the competition—every time. And what’s the point of building a multimillion-dollar business or climbing the corporate ladder when you’re unwittingly courting a heart attack?

Without your health, no product or strategy can save you. That’s why individuals are transforming the way they think about their health—and actively investigating how they can load the dice in their favor against sickness and disease through cellular nutrition.

With sophisticated analyses throughout our consultative process at NuVision Excel, we identify potential disorders and uncover upstream data that discovers what’s robbing you of your health. This isn’t just about eating a good diet. Many factors, from gut health to neuro-physiological wellbeing, can affect the nutrient contents of our body.

Imagine the average working professional who, between raising a family and maintaining career obligations, sustains immense and unrelenting stress daily. This spikes the cortisol levels in the body. If nutrients are depleted, the individual will not have the resources to produce other key hormones. As a result, they may suffer low energy, depression, adrenal fatigue, cellular inflammation, high blood pressure and even low sex drive.

A recent client of mine suffered greatly from arthritis at the age of thirty-two. Though he was an executive in the midst of a great career, he attended work with intensive pain, suffered flare-ups that restricted him from working for prolonged periods, and was bound to a medication that his doctor told him would damage his liver over time. This client now lives free from the shackles of sickness and disease with a full reversal of his arthritis thanks to cellular nutrition solutions.

When the cellular health is optimized through nutrition, detoxification and incredible lifestyle strategies, the body has an unrelenting need and ability to heal itself. The total body transformative process that we use at NuVision Excel is a recipe for success. As you begin to present the materials that are genetically required at a cellular level to the body, you begin to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other major diseases that destroy the careers of good, hard-working individuals.

Not only will actively pursuing a higher state of health make you outperform your peers, but it will also offer you a sustainable method for advancing your work or career for a lifetime. That’s good for your body—and for business.