How Your Emotions Affect Your Money

Thinking about money for some of us (including myself) creates very emotional responses. Some emotions are happiness, sadness, guilt, fear and many others. You've heard the saying "money doesn't buy happiness", but what it does buy is a trip to Hawaii for myself and a college education for my daughter. For me, that's a great happiness start. Since this is not the emotion I usually have around money I knew that it was time to do something about it. As an entrepreneur, it becomes a vicious cycle of being happy when I have money and being not happy when I don't. In between those two emotions also live guilt, fear, frustration and sometimes anger. It's time for me to change my conscious shift when it comes to money, but where do I start? I sat down with Holly Signorelli who has always had wonderful and enlightening tips on this subject. Here is our conversation (and some great tips) on how to balance your emotions regarding money.

Karim Orange: I think peoples have many emotions when it comes to money. Why is this?

Holly Signorelli: We have all heard about emotional decision making. Most of us don’t really know what that means (especially when it comes to money) let alone what to do about it. What I like to teach people is how to examine the emotions that are holding you back from your true self and the money that you deserve.

K.O: I guess this is why they call you The Money Therapist (lol)

H.S: Yes!

K.O: What is the major emotion that prevents people from making the money they deserve?

H.S: It’s very different for everyone but I will say the guilt is a major emotion that I see in most people when it comes to their financial situation. When you feel guilty, you feel like you are not worthy of certain things including happiness and wealth. This feeling will self-sabotage any positive thing that comes your way. Sometimes people feel guilty because things are going well for them. Parents feel guilty when their work schedule takes away time with children. Feeling guilty if you’re not careful becomes an endless cycle.

K.O: What is a good way to overcome this feeling of guilt?

H.S: So When you feel guilty you have to reconcile that with your own brain. Remember your brain goes into fight or flight and it will try protect you at all cost. So if your brain believes you, that you are not worthy and that you are guilty, then on a subliminal level you will sabotage any success. Once you understand that your brain is only trying to take care of you and not sabotage you can you can get in front of a mirror and tell your brain that you do not need that help anymore. You can tell your brain that you’ve got it under control and that you do want to be happy and that you do want to make money. And you can tell your brain that you have decided that you are in control and that you are no longer allowing self-sabotage to keep you from enjoying money anymore. It is best to do this in the mirror looking straight at your eyes. Continue to do it several days in a row or as many times as needed, especially when you find yourself feeling guilty.

K.O: What about fear?

H.S: Fear takes away our natural intuition. Most of us know that we have a right brain that's creative and a left brain that is logical. Fear comes from the logical side because of course, it is the brain trying to protect you once again. The brain is a really interesting subject because of its job to protect us but doesn’t always have our best interest in mind. Your intuition and creativity come from the right side of your brain and creativity do not exist in the stress filled environment. So by definition when you are in fear, then you cannot use your natural intuition for creativity to come up with a positive solution.

K.O: What is the solution to this?

H.S: You will not be able to remove fear by thinking of it for hours and hours. Go outside and do something childlike. Get out of your logical brain and move it to the creative side that has an answer to everything.

K.O: How do you help people in your practice to balance all of this?

H.S: I have created The Wealth Fulfillment Formula, to help entrepreneurs especially cross barriers and truly take their business to the profits they deserve.

K.O: What are ways some simple ways to balance emotions and money?

H.S: Try to find peace. Peace is something you choose to have, regardless of circumstances. Peace comes from knowing that you are a creator in and of yourself and the understanding that you can have anything you want, if only you will believe and receive that energy

Stay tuned for part 2 with Holly Signorelli: 20 days of unbelievable happiness and making more money.

Holly Signorelli is a Wealth Strategist, CPA, Author, and Speaker. She has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, to be more profitable, and create more time by working smarter not harder. For more information visit:

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