How Your Health Affects Your Business

Beyond being passionate about entrepreneurship, I am passionate about my physical development. I love being in the gym, pushing myself harder and harder in order to continuously develop my body. Even though I hate the process sometimes, I love the feeling of seeing myself grow as time progresses.

One reason that I work out so hard is because I know it has a positive effect in other areas of my life. Having good health affects my mental stability, it affects my ability to control my emotions and it affects my persistent business drive. If my health was terrible, then my business would suffer due to my lack of energy and focus. Sometimes I work 12+ hours days, while still finding the energy to workout 5-6 days a week. The only way I am able to sustain such an intense pace of performance is because I have conditioned my body to withstand such physical and mental demands.

I know what you are probably saying right now:

I'm too busy to work out and run a business.

Working out doesn't work for me.

I'm always too tired to work out after a full day of working hard.

Guess what? Those are all excuses which you use to justify your bad behavior.

You're not too busy to workout. You just are unwilling to sacrifice your lazy time to work out.

Working out doesn't work for you because you give up after 2 weeks and are unwilling to change your bad eating habits.

The reason you are too tired is because your body is filled with toxic fuel that slows you down and you don't get enough sleep.

Sure there are plenty of people who are successful business wise but are miserable health wise. And usually, once the personal side of your life becomes too unbearable, it falls over into your business. This is especially true for a small business owner. If your health plummets, your business could most certainly fail, which means your ability to survive is seriously impacted.

Fortunately there are small changes you can make today, which will lead to big improvements in your health over time:

1. Practice Control
Are you going to eat a double cheeseburger with large fries or eat a grilled chicken breast with a side salad for lunch instead? Stop letting food control you and instead control your urges so that you create discipline for yourself. How can your business be successful if you can't maintain your ability to stay focused on doing the designated task which will make you better?

2. Challenge Yourself
Yeah working out is demanding and not all that fun but it helps to make you a better functioning person. You don't have to be a bodybuilder out the gate, just stay consistent in order to continually progress over time. How can your business advance in continual success if you are not willing to take on hard challenges that push you to be better?

3. Chart Your Progress
You might not see 5 pounds go away physically but the scale reports that such is the case. Once you know that the pounds are coming off and you begin to see them coming off, you become more motivated. How can your business be successful if you are not keeping track of what is working and what is not working?

Your health is your wealth. Your business's success is dependent on you operating at a consistent high level. Properly take care of yourself so that you can build a successful business that takes great care of you.