How Your Style Affects Your Self-Confidence And Your Relationships

So don't rule out the importance of the right underwear for your body. It's a worthwhile investment that will transform your appearance so much so that you may not even recognize you had this amazing body all along!
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Fashion says "Me Too"
Style says "Me Only"

When it comes to personal style, it's all about you. How you work it. How you own it. Where you borrowed it, and how you narrow down all your options to those that work for your figure, your personality, your coloring and your lifestyle.

Making simple changes in your wardrobe can create huge shifts in how you feel about yourself and how you come across to the world. The right style brings out the best in every woman, at every age, in every situation.

Of course, we all struggle with the very basic question as to what looks right on us, and what makes us shine. To really get to know your own shape, identify your body type. This is the first step to choosing cuts and styles that are right for you.

The secret to maintaining your beauty and gaining self-confidence?

*Simply identify your favorite features and choose styles that accentuate the positive while camouflaging areas that you are most sensitive about and not so comfortable with.

*Know your best colors then narrow down to shades that bring out the most beautiful you. Wear colors that make your eyes shine.

*Know what suits your age. Even though there are no hard and fast rules in today's day and age where women are more health and body conscious than ever, dressing your age is really about making sure your clothes reflect who you are now and how they help boost your self-confidence.

*Edit your wardrobe to one that reflects your personality and your lifestyle. Create a wardrobe that you're happy to face every day.

The romantic arena is no place for subtlety. To become an irresistible man magnet, mind your body language. By incorporating your body language into your vocabulary even the most self-conscious and reserved woman can communicate her deepest desires without even uttering a peep.

Your appearance is the first thing that a man sees. Men are sexually attracted to a woman's physical magnetism. Your looks matter more than you think. Even though a man will love you for your sense of humor, your confidence, your caring attention, and your intelligence, how you package yourself: your hair, your clothes, your personal hygiene and overall appearance is what initially attracts you to him.

So, first things first: anything in your wardrobe that remotely whispers "frumpy" needs to be tossed out. Because how you look indicates how you feel. It's so easy to slack off in this arena and stop taking care once you become too comfortable and complacent in your relationship. Letting yourself loose, packing on pounds, and slacking off on your hygiene and paying little or no attention to how you dress are relationship killers. Lack of self-care is one of the reasons men tend to stray.
Of course there are times when you experience self-doubt and feel less than your very best. If you think a certain outfit doesn't make you look good, then you're probably right and you can correct it by looking thru your wardrobe and changing into something else that makes you feel like a million instead.

If you feel overweight and uncomfortable know that turning your current figure into an hourglass figure is a cinch! While conventional exercise and following a strict diet may eventually trim your waist from a thirty-eight to a twenty-eight, wearing a corset and the right lingerie will get you there a whole lot quicker.

So don't rule out the importance of the right underwear for your body. It's a worthwhile investment that will transform your appearance so much so that you may not even recognize you had this amazing body all along!

Here are five styling tips that may serve you well:

1.Nothing says sexy like a lacy camisole worn under a jacket.

2.A tasteful piece of jewelry can give your outfit an instant lift.

3.Achieve perfect posture by walking in high heels.

4.Smile. Marilyn Monroe aptly said, "A smile is the best make-up a girl could wear" It lights up the room, and makes you attractive instantly.

5.Wearing the right shade of red lipstick for nighttime affairs gives you an instant facelift.

And if you're concerned others may criticize you for your choices, then you can say to yourself, just like Marie Antoinette did, "Let them eat cake"!

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