How Youth Can Change Washington: Getting Young People Excited and Active

A talk on How Youth Can Change Washington took place at 92YTribeca on January 22, 2013. In this clip, The Nation's Ari Melber asks the panel--HuffPost Live's Abby Huntsman and Alicia Menendez, co-president Michael Skolnik and NYC Councilman Joel Rivera-- how do you get young people excited and activated on an issue when there is not yet a clear path to solutions.

On the power of young people, Skolnik is an optimist:

"We did do 'don't ask don't tell,' we did do the executive order on undocumented immigrants, we did do that....I am incredibly optimistic about the power that we have as young people in politics today because atleast some people are listening."

Echoing Skolnik's sentiment, Huntsman added:

"It's a matter of showing that we care, it's a matter of marching to Washington D.C. and pounding on the White House door saying 'we care about this, we want to get this done.' That's really the only way we can change...and it's up to us to do that."

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